Common injuries that we treat

Allaboutu Health treat many injuries and ailments with our help we can get you back on your feet again.

Neck Pain


Pain can be felt in either on one or both shoulders and the neck. The neck may feel restricted, achy and sore.

The head can feel heavy on the shoulders and there may be some pin and needles down the arm or in the fingers.

Headaches / Migraines


Tension headaches and migraines can be aggravated by poor posture at a work station.

The muscles will compensate for this and make the muscles in the neck very tight which will increase the intensity and frequency of the headaches experienced.

Shoulder/Elbow and Wrist Pain


Pain or pins and needles can be felt in the arm which maybe intermittent or constant.

This can be coming from the neck or from tight arm muscles impinging on nerves throughout the arm. Shoulder pain can be uncomfortable and you may feel like you need to rotate the shoulder and arm to get more comfortable.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)


This is due to overuse. When using a keyboard or a mouse certain muscles in the forearm and even the shoulder can be in constant use.

The symptoms include sudden burst of pain in the affected area, weakness and lack of endurance and pain on use of those muscles. RSI most commonly occurs in the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Mid-back pain


When sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time the muscles in your mid-back need to stay contracted.

Symptoms will include restricted movement, pain either side of your spine in your mid-back area, the feeling that you need to ‘stretch’ in order to get some relief from pain.

Lower back pain/sciatica


Lower back pain can feel like a dull constant ache at the base of your spine or there can be a sharp pain that may last seconds.

This can be aggravated by poor work stations or just sitting for long periods of time.


is a when the sciatic nerve is impinged in your lower back. After an examination with our osteopath they will be able to tell you how and why the nerve is impinged and whether it is spinal or muscular. Symptoms include a sharp shooting pain down the back of the leg, or pain in the lower back and then a dull ache in the front of your calf.

Sports Injuries


If you cycle or run to work, sometimes if you do not stretch correctly it can cause muscles to cramp or go into spasm.

In term these tight muscles can pull on your joints (lower back, kness, ankles) and cause pain in the joints. Symptoms can be a constant dull ache or sharp pains whilst running or cycling in the injured area.

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